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Avoid tensed up arms and keep a steady hand

In contrast to the basic BALANCE model, our BALANCE PLUS operating chair stands out due to its multifunctional arm supports. If you choose this product, you get a comfortable support for both forearms, which is especially useful for lengthy and complicated procedures. This helps prevent muscular tension and fatigue. Your hands remain calm and steady even if you have to exert yourself to unusual levels.

Top performance and manual dexterity ...

... are among the most valuable resources of every surgeon. For this reason, you should treat yourself to a chair that makes a valuable contribution to your comfort and medical outcome. The BALANCE PLUS offers more than safe and stable seating. It also has solid armrests on both sides allowing you to work in a much more relaxed manner:

  • Many possible applications
  • Comfortable handling
  • Reliable hygienic standards
  • Relaxed sitting posture
  • Customised adjustment options
  • Solid perspectives

Try it ... and you will be fascinated

Apart from its comfortable multifunctional armrests, the brumaba BALANCE PLUS has many more features that can make your work as a doctor or surgeon much more pleasant:

  • Patented seat section with comfortable adjustable sitting angle.
  • Adjustable backrest with lordosis support.
  • Flexible height adjustment from 480 to 680 mm.
  • High-quality comfort undercarriage with antistatic castors with brakes and hygienically enclosed and enlarged castors
  • Easy-to-use foot release to adjust the seat height without compromising sterility

Superior in every detail

5 ball bearing castors made of polyurethane,
one of them conductive
Ø 65 mm
Height adjustment 480 - 680 mm
Backrest angle +6° / -16°
Backrest padding angle 25°
Adjustable backrest height 100 mm
Seat section angle +5° / -8°
Seat surface dimensions (W x H x D) 460 x 60 x 420 mm
Maximum load 120 kg