Product Details


More than just a chair for sitting

The brumaba THRONUS operating chair sets standards in modern daily surgery routines.

Its solid stainless steel construction, the comfortable, patented seat section and the smooth running, lockable undercarriage make it an indispensable work equipment for seated surgeons, especially in eye surgery.

Take a seat... experience professionalism

The brumaba THRONUS was developed by professionals for professional use in surgery. It has unique advantages, especially for surgeons who prefer to work in a sitting position. Whether it is eye surgery, microsurgery or related medical specialities: Once you have tried it, you are not going to want to sit anywhere else anytime soon:

  • Smooth height adjustment
  • Surgical armrests
  • Seat surface inclination for more relaxed sitting
  • An undercarriage for easy stop-and-go
  • The memory function stores your working position

At the service of your valuable medical work

The brumaba THRONUS combines features and functions which open up entirely new paths for your surgical procedures. The following overview of its most important features will show you how efficient it is:

  • Excellent sitting comfort
  • High level of stability
  • Flexible height adjustment from 500 to 755 mm
  • Hydraulic height adjustment with foot control
  • Memory function
  • Adjustable back section with lordosis support
  • Surgical armrests with ball joint hinge and adjustable height, rotation and length
  • Central brake
  • Steering castors with dual tread
  • Pleasant design

Details of our THRONUS

Technical data:

Height adjustment   500-755mm
Seat section angle +7° -8°
Armrest height (from the seat section to the armrest) 270-370mm
Armrest angle +55° -52° 
Armrest length adjustment range 100mm
Backrest height 70mm
Backrest angle  -11° +7°
Total length 700mm
Total width 600mm
Maximum load  150kg