Product Details


For professional surgical procedures

An operating table that stands out in all aspects! Benefit from its practical features that were developed with greatest medical expertise. They are especially geared towards cranial surgery. This table offers you maximum legroom, 270-degree access and the perfect distance to the head of the patient. This way, you can stay focused and relaxed throughout the entire procedure!  
The excellent and smooth mobility of your FOCUS operating table makes changing patients between procedures safe and easy. Combine optimised procedures with economic efficiency.

Smart technology for your operating room

  • Clean and sturdy hygienic stainless steel construction
  • Adjust your preferred working height with the telescopic column (520-950 mm)
  • Using the memory function with 8 programmes, your patient positions are available at the push of a button
  • Perfect patient head position at all times with the patented telescopic head section and horseshoe-shaped headrest for the best possible access
  • Smooth lever and steering castor undercarriage for maximum mobility in the operating room
  • Powerful 24V DC battery for cordless use
  • For tall patients, the length of the operating table can be adapted using the back section extension

Convincing equipment options

The brumaba FOCUS operating table comes with many advantageous features. An initial overview:

  • Telescopic column, adjustable from 570 - 840mm 
  • Memory function with 8 programmes 
  • Telescopic head section with horseshoe-shaped headrest 
  • 24V DC battery pack operation 
  • Remote control  
  • Back section extension for length adjustment  
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Fixed base plate L 760 mm, W 430 mm
    Fahrgestell Standard


  • 2 GUIDE DRIVE "OR" FOCUS undercarriage (L 895 mm, W 508 mm, wheels 120 mm and 80 mm)
    Fahrwerk 2-Guide-Drive
  • 4 EASY DRIVE FOCUS undercarriage (L 905 mm, W 600, wheels 120 mm)
    Fahrgestell Original

Performance figures

Total length 1.770 mm - 1.940 mm
Total width 555 mm
Net weight 165 kg (+ 10,60 kg Polster)
Max. table load 300 kg
Max. head section load 100 kg


Adjustment range

Height 570 - 840 mm
Head section tilting angle -45° to +35°
Back section tilting angle -14° to +51°
Seat section tilting angle -24° to +40°
Foot section tilting angle -90° to +30°


Electrical characteristics

Operating voltage 24V DC
Class of protection IP X 4
Battery capacity 22 Ah
Operating time  
when fully charged 1-2 weeks