SpeedyClave 18 B

SpeedyClave 18 B is one of the fastest autoclave available on the market thanks to 3 quick cycles, which have been conceived in order to optimize the related-to-different-loads working time. All the traditional B cycles (134°C, 121°C) are available, as well as Prions Cycle for any sterilization requirement. It is the bench top sterilizer for those who need to
perform more cycle per day, i.e. a chance of saving on surgical instruments purchase. SpeedyClave 18 is easy to use thanks to its wide display, which permits to manage its functions and to display all the parameters of the current cycle.

The new automatic VLS system (Vacuum Locking System) ensures a practical self-closing by means of a hand pressure.
After performing safe cycles by means of 24 electronic process controls, their traceability can be ensured by the internal SD Card memory, which can track down every autoclave cycle (up to 65.000 cycles). These data can be archived on the PC by means of a  traditional USB disk. Moreover an external printer can be connected in order to generate sticky labels with sterilization data, even on barcode.

Product Image