Plusoptix S09


Stationary Vision Screener plusoptiX S09

Ametropia, strabismus, and in rare cases media opacities are the most frequently occuring vision disorders during childhood. Ametropia, as well as corneal reflex symmetry indicating a possible strabismus, are easily measured with the plusoptiX S09. Media opacities are visible on the screen.The necessity of a comprehensive eye examination by the ophthalmologist can be assessed non-invasively in combination with a Stereo-Lang-Test.
An early detection and treatment of vision disorders can prevent amblyopia successfully.
1) Application
  • plusoptiX S09 measures the refraction of both eyes simultaneously (binocular) from one meter distance
  • The measurement values correspond with the results of a sciascopy in narrow pupil.
  • Measurement values are compared with adjustable referral criteria and a "Pass" or "Refer" is displayed as screening result.
  • The measurement is taken fully automated, and can be performed by an assistant
2) Referral criteria
  • Anisometropia (different refraction values for both eyes)
  • Astigmatism (corneal irregularity)
  • Myopia (shortsightedness)
  • Hyperopia (farsightedness)
  • Symmetry of corneal reflexes (wrong gaze alignment, which can be caused by strabism)
  • Anisocoria (different pupil diameter of both eyes)
3) Advantages
  • Our devices are maintenance free
  • Precise measurement results
  • Defective vision can be detected reliably
  • Uninfluenced by medication
  • Measurement of both eyes (binocular) within 1 second
  • Measurement from 1 meter distance
  • First measurement already with 6 months
  • Measurement over glasses and contact lenses

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