Product Details

Vidi Smart Glasses

Vidi Smart glasses have high compliance and efficacy for lazy eye children due to unique features.

  • Efficient Occlusion — We use proprietary technology and LCDs that block 99.7% of the visible spectrum of light when occluded and lets normal light through in off mode
  • Occlusion Homogeneity — Entire lens area is occluded equally
  • Mirror Coating — No one can detect from outside that there are an occlusion of one eye lens
  • Pulsed Mode Driver System — Advance electronics for efficient occlusion throughout usage
  • Smart Occlusion Time Increase — Unique algorithm helps child to accommodate better to the glasses and treatment
  • Microprocessor Controlled — Internal memory with robust software
  • Easy setting — Mode selection for left/right eyesight occlusion with on/off button
  • Light Design (weight: 32 grams) — Child will be comfortable wearing it
  • Indicators — The warning LED is in different colours for easy operation
  • Battery Life — 3-4 days
  • Affordable Cost — Cost per month usage is very comparable to eye-patching cost. The product is warranted for two years
Vidi Smart Glasses